As a last resort, teeth can be extracted to improve your overall dental health. We don’t normally advise for this procedure unless all other options have been exhausted, or you have a prior dental history that would lead to a similar conclusion.

If a sibling or parent ever tied a string to your tooth and a door, you know the immediate feeling of apprehension when it comes to losing a tooth!

We understand that feeling and have established a procedure that guarantees comfort throughout the process. After communicative anesthetic application, you may feel pressure during the extraction, but no pain.

dental team performing a tooth extraction
At times, rocking or sectioning the tooth is necessary for a clean extraction. This is the “pressure” feeling we are referring to. While it is a slightly uncomfortable sensation, it does not last long. After the extraction is performed, it is important to allow blood to clot and begin healing. Biting down on gauze for a short duration after the procedure is a proven method to facilitate the healing process.

Finally, pain medication is prescribed and some activities like sucking through straws, smoking, and drinking alcohol are prohibited until full recovery is achieved. This likely occurs within three full days.