Root Canals

Root Canals are often feared to be lengthy and uncomfortable procedures that are only for the most neglectful patients.

They are actually much more common than you’d think.

As for discomfort, we understand the fear. Many dental practices treat anesthesia as but another step to the rest of the procedure. While this is a common view, it can lead to an inefficient and hasty application that leaves patients confused and afraid. In the worst outcome, the patient is not fully numb when the procedure begins.

illustration of a root canal

We place special care in anesthetic application.

For Spencer Dental, it is not simply another step, but a communicative process that requires patient input and complete satisfaction. Only when we know for a fact that you are comfortable do we continue with the procedure. Root Canals can be especially anxious treatments, so we ensure that with any visit you have with us, you will feel at ease. 

After all, dental procedures are meant to leave you feeling better than when you came in!