Dentures in Maryville, TN

Dentures in Maryville, TN

When patients lose their natural teeth, they often choose to get dentures to restore their smiles and oral function. These prosthetic teeth are removable and can replace a few teeth, multiple teeth, or even all the teeth in an arch. At Spencer Dental, we custom-design dentures based on precise measurements of the patient’s mouth. This allows our dentist to create a custom set of dentures that will fit comfortably and securely and address the patient’s unique needs. 

Once the dentures are ready to be placed in the mouth, the dentist will carefully adjust them, so they are comfortable to wear at all times. The patient may need to return for adjustments over time as the muscles in the jaw and the gums adapt to the dentures.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all teeth on either the upper or lower arch. They are designed and manufactured to completely restore the smile and allow the patient to eat and speak comfortably. Any remaining natural teeth are extracted or removed before placing a full denture.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture can be used if there are some healthy remaining teeth around the missing teeth. The appliance fits around these teeth and fills the gaps left by the absent ones.

How to Care forYour Dentures

  • To prevent damage to your prosthetics over time, you should remove them before bed. Soak them in a cleaning solution overnight to keep them moist and clean.
  • Brush and floss your dentures and remaining teeth daily to keep your mouth healthy and clean. This is especially important with dentures as food particles can get trapped under them and cause bad breath or other problems like cavities. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and good toothpaste to clean your dentures daily, taking care to scrub all surfaces to avoid plaque buildup.
  • Keep your dentures in water when not wearing them. This will help prevent bacteria and plaque buildup, which can lead to infections and other health issues. Place your dentures in a glass of cold water or a denture cleanser to keep them clean. 
  • Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems, it’s a good idea to visit the dentist at least once or twice a year to ensure your dentures are fitting properly and have no underlying issues. You should also schedule an appointment if you notice any changes in how your dentures fit or if they begin to feel uncomfortable or loose regularly.

Visit Spencer Dental at 207 Southdowne Dr, Maryville, TN 37801, or call (865) 983-5451 to learn more about dentures and other tooth replacement options to restore your smile. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and goals for your smile.

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