Root Canals in Maryville, TN

Root Canals in Maryville, TN

A root canal is necessary when the pulp, the soft area inside the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves, becomes inflamed or infected due to deep tooth decay or repeated dental procedures on the tooth. The pulp infection can spread to the bone around the tooth's root, causing pain and swelling. The infection may spread to other teeth and even into the jaw if left untreated.

At Spencer Dental, to save the tooth, our dentist carefully removes the pulp from the tooth and cleans and disinfects the root canals. Once the tooth has been restored to health, it will be sealed with a dental crown. This crown will help prevent bacteria from entering the tooth again and causing more problems. Saving a natural tooth is always the best option whenever possible.

Reason for Root Canal Treatment

If our dentist has recommended a root canal, it is because this procedure can help save an infected tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. Root canals can restore the health of your tooth and prevent it from developing problems in the future.

When the pulp of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed, bacteria can reach the innermost parts of your tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are. The infection can cause inflammation around the tooth's roots, leading to pain when you bite down and chew food. A root canal will remove the damaged pulp to clean out the infection inside the tooth. This leaves you with a healthy, pain-free smile lasting for years.

Since the procedure is performed under anesthesia, you won’t experience any discomfort. You’ll also leave our office with healthier teeth that will no longer cause pain. The process is a permanent solution to reclaim your oral health and keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. And, if you take good care of your restored tooth with regular checkups and cleanings, it can potentially last a lifetime!

The Procedure for Root Canal

To perform your root canal, our dentist will first administer anesthesia. Once the area is numb, the dentist will make a small opening in the tooth and remove the infected pulp inside. The canal is then cleaned and shaped using small files.

Any damaged areas of the tooth’s structure are then smoothed out, and a filling material is used to seal the tooth and prevent the buildup of future bacteria. Finally, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it and restore its appearance until a permanent crown is ready.

If you’re experiencing problems with a tooth that has a cavity or has been damaged due to an injury, visit Spencer Dental at 207 Southdowne Dr, Maryville, TN 37801, or call (865) 983-5451 to schedule an appointment for your personalized consultation.

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