Full Mouth Rehab

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the process of combining multiple restorative procedures into a single comprehensive plan. 

Multiple Dentist visits are a pain for anyone, and while we are of the opinion that you’ll have a good experience at our practice, we know you’d rather be elsewhere.

That’s why we put great effort into treating you as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Despite what it sounds like, Full Mouth Rehab can be much less invasive, and more minimalistic than single procedures when it comes to repeat visits.

Though crowns, fillings, and bridges can often treat the root cause of a dental problem, surrounding teeth and gums often become infected by the first tooth. In these situations, it’s best to develop a global treatment that addresses each issue as a part of the whole.

This comprehensive approach allows us to treat you more efficiently and affordably at the same time.

Less visits, less expensive, happier patients!


dentist showcasing full mouth rehab

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